maygen nicholson

Maygen Nicholson is a 500-hour RYT certified yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, California.  Maygen made her way to LA from Oklahoma in 2008 to pursue her childhood dreams of becoming a professional dancer.  As life would have it, LA had a different plan for her. Maygen found her way to yoga in 2010 and couldn’t deny the everlasting benefits of her ever-growing practice and saw no other choice but to have to share it with the world.  Having been a dance teacher since the age of 15, her passion for teaching innately carried over into yoga.  Maygen acquired her 300-hour RYT certification at Wanderlust Hollywood, where she now teaches.  She had the privilege of studying intimately and intensely with Carrie Owerko, Noah Maze, Annie Carpenter, Joan Hyman, and many others.  She continues to study under her mentors Clio Mannuelian and Schuyler Grant.  

Maygen’s passion and ever-growing knowledge of yoga is apparent in her teaching, as well as her love for the practice itself.  Her style is a mix between hatha and vinyasa with fun, creative sequencing that is strategically deliberate. When giving Maygen the honor of guiding you through your practice, expect to be inspired, challenged, and held within a safe, loving, and educational space with a few laughs here and there.  When she’s not teaching or spending time in nature with friends, you will most likely find her taking yoga class, exploring her practice at home, or taking some sort of training.  Maygen believes yoga to be a life changing practice and would love to be apart of your journey.