the gypsy project: LA is a 7-weeks-long creative intensive, offering up-close-and-personal training with LOBOS art collective founder and artistic director, erica sobol. and her friends and colleagues from around the world. the gypsy project: LA 2017’s guest instructors will include (but may not be limited to!)… 

tilman o’donnell 

medhi walerski 

david harvey


kallie miller

the program will take place every mon-thurs, 9am-2pm, march 5-april 20, 2017. 

(participants must also be available on sunday, march 5, 2017 for a “welcome party” and orientation.)

the gypsy project: LA is an intimate experience. (very limited space available.)

program cost: 2500$  (payment plans available.) 



the gypsy project:LA is a special and totally singular experience... 

the goal of the intensive is to help young artists to develop their voices. we will focus on exploration. we will do this with love. 

the focus is NOT on commercial success here. the focus is NOT on learning how to be like anybody else. the focus is NOT on creating a “product.” 

at the gypsy project: LA, we emphasize the learning and creating processes. we focus on seeking and discovery. (and more seeking after that…)

a gypsy participant is encouraged to find his/her own voice. and then to harness the courage (and the tools!) to use it. 

this is an opportunity to expand your mind, to discover who you are and what you desire. and to connect with others who are on a similar journey.