praise for the gypsy project:LA, by former participants…

I talk about this program (in some capacity) to everyone I meet in my new scholarly, academic dance life. It extends much farther than its bounds of time back in March... It travels, it lingers, it is fruitful and everlasting.  — Lexi Stilianos

the gypsy project: LA was one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. It has inspired tremendous growth within me, not only as an artist but as a human being. Every single teacher that came in was of the highest caliber. I have never been given so many gifts by so many generous geniuses over such a relatively short period of time. I don't think that I would have ever had the opportunity to work with people like Jiri and Tilman if it wasn't for the gypsy project. Taking this type of training to Los Angeles is seriously f*cking radical. This was the first of its kind, I'm so grateful to have been apart of it... I now have a community of people that I can create with. I have found a loving home in an otherwise dog eat dog world.the gypsy project: LA is the future of contemporary dance in Los Angeles (and around the world…) — Tailor Lee

The project was nothing short of life changing. I’ve never been so challenged in my life artistically. The crazy thing about it all is that all of the answers were already in me, i just needed help to find/see them. The project also gave me confidence. Confidence that my voice was just the right pitch, volume, and timbre. I don’t need to adjust my voice to fit into a box, it’s probably just the box that needs adjustments.  — Brien Rich

The camaraderie amongst us was powerful and to see everyone grow in such immense ways was inspiring… It never felt like a competition but a group effort into the unknown and sometimes difficult world this can be. For me this was the most life changing and beneficial thing. — Lenin Fernandez

Quality of the Program - rating the gypsy project:LA 10,000 stars. This program changed my life. Every second was exactly what I needed… — Emily Greenwell