erica sobol


Grand Prize Winner of the prestigious Capezio ACE Award & founder of Lobos Art Collective (formerly collidEdance), Erica Sobol is one of Los Angeles’s most sought after choreographers and educators. An LA native, Erica holds a BA in dance-theater from the illustrious Columbia University in New York City.
Her service to the dance community has been praised in many dance publications and art and travel blogs. And Lobos Art Collective was featured in Dance Spirit Magazine’s “The Higher Ed Issue” as one of the most desirable companies for post-competition dance life. Erica has toured the world as a master instructor and creator at Broadway Dance Center NYC/Tokyo, KHiO in Oslo, Visceral Dance Chicago, Pineapple London, Studio Harmonic Paris, FnF Dance Festival in Poland, DiAmbra Dans Stockholm, Skip Entertainment on Guam, and Mediterranean Dance Festival in Italy. And she has had the great honor of studying closely with Crystal Pite, Tilman O’Donnell, Jiri Pokorny, Medhi Walerski, Eric Beauchesne, Tom Visser, and many other brilliant dance and theater artists.
Erica is the heart and the brains behind The Gypsy Project, a training and development program for young artists worldwide. She believes deeply in the power of nurturing the minds and bodies of the next generation, helping to create the storytellers of our future. She also believes deeply in community, connection, collaboration, and kindness. She feels lucky, so lucky, to be inspired every day.


"Erica's work is emotionally charged, fantastical, and driven by athletic rigor. Evocative of childhood, memory and dreams, her pieces contain a nostalgic edge that is as wistful as the movement is inventive and dynamically impressive. Touching and tenacious…” - Axiom Dance Theatre CONGRESS "artist spotlight”

"These are dancers working mostly in the world of commercial dance. The movement itself is highly gestural, idiosyncratic, and borrows from the edges of street and contemporary dance. Gone for the most part are the steely backbones, dagger legs and pointing feet. What is remarkable here is that Sobol and company are making something from scratch without the usual safety net of studied, familiar techniques. Still, her work is musical and picks up on subtle rhythmic impulses as well as the hits and cadences of the lyrics themselves.” - Steven Woodruff’s review of collidEdance’s “runaway!”